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REST API Method: GET /rest/license/historicalstatistics/{identifier}

This action retrieves the historical statistics for the SIP License usage in the SBC Edge system. The collections are over 1 hour intervals for a period of 1 day, thus giving a maximum of 24 historical records.

The current interval is always the resource with ID 1. There will be a maximum of 25 rows returned for a lookup, where the row with ID 1 is the current interval being collected and the rows with ID 2-25 are the historical collections.

If no ID is specified, a listing of all collections will be returned along with their associated IDs. These identifiers can be used to get the individual resource element values.


HTTP Method


Requires Authentication


Resource Schema


Parameter Name Description Data Type Possible Values
rt_PeakSIPCall Peak value of used SIP call licenses. int
rt_PeakSIPRegistration Peak value of used SIP registration licenses. int
rt_PeakDSP Peak value of used DSP licenses. int
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