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REST API Method: POST /rest/sbaconfig?action=applysectemplate

This action applies a security template to the node to prevent unauthorized changes from being made to the system.

Ensure that the SBA is fully setup and services are up and running prior to applying the security template using the enablesvc action . Ensure that all Lync call flows are fully tested prior to apply the security template. Failure to follow the correct order of steps may result in undesirable behavior.

An HTTP Status 200 return for this action only means that the request was successfully received by the system. Status of the action must be retrieved using the SBA Action Status Resource .


HTTP Method


Requires Authentication:



Parameter Name Required Service Affecting Data Type Default Value Possible Values Description
templateTypeYesNoEnum0Possible values:
  • 0 - rDefault
  • 1 - rCustom
Identifies the type of the template to be applied on the SBA. Either a pre-loaded or a custom template can be applied.
sbaInstallFilenameYesNostringnone255 - Max Length Identifies the name of the template file to be uploaded for being applied to the SBA. This is only applicable when the templateType is custom. The file needs to be in XML format.

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