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REST API Method: POST /rest/sbaconfig?action=disablesvc

This action stops the network daemons for the services indicated.

This action can be performed anytime after the SBA is setup.

If stopped, Lync server services will be automatically restarted by Windows after a moment

An HTTP Status 200 return for this action only means that the request was successfully received by the system. Status of the action must be retrieved using the SBA Action Status Resource .


HTTP Method


Requires Authentication:



Parameter Name Required Service Affecting Data Type Default Value Possible Values Description
serviceNameYesNoEnum0Possible values:
  • 0 - rNone
  • 1 - rRDP
  • 16 - rLync
Identifies the service to be stopped on the SBA. If a value other than 0 is not passed, the operation will not affect any service.

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