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REST API Method: POST /rest/sbaconfig?action=joindomain

This action configures the domain that the SBA will connect to.

Ensure that the SBA is connected to a domain only after it has been correctly configured by modifying the SBA Config Resource . Failure to follow the correct order of steps may result in undesirable behavior.

As part of this action, the ASM reboots to join to the new domain. Connection to the ASM is lost at that time. An HTTP Status 200 return for this action only means that the request was successfully received by the system. Status of the action must be retrieved by polling the SBA Action Status Resource .


HTTP Method


Requires Authentication:



Parameter Name Required Service Affecting Data Type Default Value Possible Values Description
hostNameYesNostringnone255 - Max Length Identifies the ASM Computer Name.
domainNameYesNostringnone255 - Max Length Identifies the name of the domain to which the SBA needs to connect.
userNameYesNostringnone255 - Max Length Identifies the user name that has permissions to join the domain. It must be of the format domainName
userPasswordYesNostringnone255 - Max Length Identifies the password for the user that has permissions to join the domain.

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