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REST API Method: POST /rest/system?action=restore

This action restores the SBC Edge system's backup configuration file.

If the action fails, a set of Application Status Error Codes will be returned representing all configuration validation errors found in the file and detected by the SBC Edge system. If the action succeeds, the SBC Edge system will automatically reboot.


HTTP Method


Requires Authentication:



Parameter Name Required Service Affecting Data Type Default Value Possible Values Description
FilenameYesYesstringnone255 - Max Length Identifies the name of the backup configuration file being restored into the SBC Edge. File needs to be of extension .tar or .tar.gz
PassphraseNoYesstringnone128 - Max Length Identifies the passphrase to be used for the password decryption operation. If the password decryption fails, all the passwords in the configuraion will be set to NULL, and the user should reset all the passwords manually. The password decryption fails in two circumstances 1) when the wrong passphrase used for the restore operation. 2) When the configuration was backed up with the passphrase and the same configuration is restored into a node without the passphrase.
ReplacePasswordsNoYesEnum1Possible values:
  • 0 - btFalse
  • 1 - btTrue
Specifies whether username and passwords from the backup being restored should replace the current ones.

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