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REST API Method: PUT /rest/spmconditionrule/{identifier}

Creates a Protocol Repair Condition Rule given a specific Table ID.


HTTP Method


Requires Authentication:



Parameter Name Required Service Affecting Data Type Default Value Possible Values Description
DescriptionNoNostringnone64 - Max Length Description of Condition Rule
Operand1YesNostringnone128 - Max Length The first operand for the logical condition expressed by this rule, which must be a parameter tree token identifier. Ex: from.sipuri.userinfo.user or
Operand2TypeYesNoEnum0Possible values:
  • 0 - eValue_Literal
  • 1 - eValue_Token
  • 2 - eValue_Regex
Specifies the value type associated with Operand2. If the ConditionMatchType is a regex then this value type must be eValue_Regex, otherwise it may be either eValue_Literal or eValue_Token.
Operand2YesNostringnone1024 - Max Length Value of the Parameter to match. This will hold the literal if the Operand2Type is a literal, or a token if the Operand2Type is a token, or a regex string if the Operand2Type is regex.
ConditionMatchTypeYesNoEnum1Possible values:
  • 0 - eMatchType_Regex
  • 1 - eMatchType_Equals
  • 2 - eMatchType_NotEquals
  • 3 - eMatchType_Contains
  • 4 - eMatchType_DoesNotContain
Specifies the match type for this condition. For now, only Regex and Equals match type is supported. If the match type is Regex, then the Operand2 has to be a regex string. Equals is applicable to only Literal or Token operands.

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