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Sonus' Unified Exchange 2000 (UX2000) Series is a modular, multi-function, single box appliance that delivers cost savings, reduces management complexity, and increases reliability for branch office networking and communications needs. Core features include T1/E1, WAN and LAN ports, firewall with traffic inspection, Session Border Controller (SBC), media processing through advanced high-density Digital Signal Processors (DSPs), PSTN gateway, and an optional Application Solution Module (ASM) for hosting third-party applications.

The UX2000 uses a web-based interface for full remote management capability, providing an ideal solution for remote sites/branch offices that have minimal IT support. The modular architecture of the system allows deployment flexibility for different size locations and can easily scale up for future expansion. UX can be deployed for a variety of applications such as next-generation VoIP and Unified Communications, SIP Trunking, Wideband (HD Voice) transcoding, and Multi-Service Business Gateway (MSBG).

For more information about the features of UX 2000, see the UX Product page.

Guide to the UX Customer Documentation

This documentation system is organized into the following chapters. If you are new to UX, review the UX Product Information to familiarize yourself with the product features and Getting Started with UX for installation instructions.

  • UX Product InformationThis chapter contains information about the UX product line capabilities and features.
  • Getting Started with UXUse this chapter to get your UX system physically installed and running so you can use the UX Web User Interface to configure UX for your environment.
  • Configuring UXUse this chapter to gain a better understanding of the UX system and instructions for configuring the system before placing it into service.
  • UX Best Practices
  • UX API User's Guide
  • UX Software ReferenceThis chapter provides reference information for the software applications associated with the UX system.

Copyright © 2011 Network Equipment Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved. This product contains components that are available under open source licenses or in the public domain.  

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