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This page describes the process of setting up the UX for Call Detail Recording on a RADIUS server. Read this section carefully and make sure you have satisfied all the prerequisites before performing the procedure.




CDR License

Permits the implementation of CDR on a UX. See, Viewing Licenses.

RADIUS Accounting Server

You must have at least one correctly configured RADIUS accounting server

NET Specific VSA Dictionary


The VSA is incorporated in the UX as a part of the build. However, the dictionary file must be copied to the RADIUS server. The dictionary is also available for download in the UX Download Center. For a complete listing of attributes and their meanings, see the Vendor Specific Attributes Reference.

Setup Procedure

Please read the Call Detail Records Primer before continuing with the setup procedure.

To configure the UX for CDR:

  1. If you have not already done so, add a RADIUS account server(s).
  2. Configure your UX to use the RADIUS accounting server(s) for accounting.