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Before you begin

This page describes the final deployment step produced by the Lync 2010 wizard for a UX in a Lync 2010 environment with a PSTN Provider. Before you proceed, ensure you have completed the prerequisites.

Topology Overview

UX can be configured to connect an Enterprise's Lync environment to the PSTN via PRI using an automatic setup wizard as described in the section below.

Helpful Tip

Usage of the deployment wizard to configure the UX does not modify existing configuration. The wizard will simply add the new configuration elements to the UX.

Lync 2010 Setup Field Configuration

Enter the scenario configuration details based on your deployment settings:

When you click the Apply on this final step, it may take up to 15 seconds before you receive a final confirmation status screen. During this time, no progress indicator will be shown, and it is recommended that you wait until the operation completes. This issue will be resolved in the upcoming revision of the UX software — SYM-8453

Field Definitions

Scenario Information - Field Definitions

Scenario Description

Name describing the Lync setup.
(info) This value entered will be prefixed on all the UX configuration elements created by the Setup Wizard pertaining to this deployment.

Gateway Scenario

Select SIP <-> PSTN for this deployment

SIP Properties - Field Definitions

Server Pool Host

The Pool name of the Lync Server 2010 (FQDN)

Port Number

The SIP Server Port number (via TLS) to use for sending and receiving SIP messages between UX and the Server Pool Host

ISDN Properties - Field Definitions

DS1 Ports

The physical T1/E1 port number to which the PSTN line is physically connected.

Port Type

The desired port type from the list - this will re-configure the DS1 ports selected above.

Switch Variant

The ISDN flavor to be configured for the port type in the ISDN Signaling Group.

ISDN Number Translation

Select whether or not UX should translate dialed PSTN digits as phone extensions.

Telephone Country Code

Available when Translation type is configured as Translate Extension. The country code you wish to be used in the translated phone extension.

PBX Prefix

Available when Translation type is configured as Translate Extension. The numbers to prefix to the translated phone extension.

Extension Length

The number of digits used to account for the PSTN extension.