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This page explains how to determine what physical assets are installed in your UX.

Viewing Your UX System Inventories

To view your UX System's assets:

  1. Click the System tab at the top of the UX WebUI browser page.
  2. Click the Inventory Report tab.

The Inventory Report page comprises three panels: Node/Module Inventory, Physical Ports Inventory, and Power Supply Inventory. The contents of these panels are explained below.

Node/Module Inventory

The Node/Module Inventory panel lists the major modules installed in your UX along with their locations, manufacturing and identification information.

Physical Ports Inventory

The Physical Ports Inventory panel lists all the physical ports on the UX and their types (e.g., T1, E1, Ethernet, etc.).

Power Supply Inventory

The Power Supply Inventory panel lists the installed power supplies and their fan speeds. The UX can have either one or two power supplies.