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The UX system uses a 3 digit software versioning scheme Major.Minor.Maintenance (patch):

  • Major - updated every major development.
  • Minor - updated for unplanned minor feature development in between major development cycles.
  • Maintenance - updated for hot fixes, and service packs.
  • Patch - present only when used, deliver custom features or bug fixes not covered by the base software.

In addition to the software version, a Build Number is always associated with the base software version and represents the exact build machine, time, and date. Upgrades to these builds are provided to all customers and partners who have maintenance contracts.

Viewing the Software Version

The UX software version and build number shown is the based on the firmware running on the active partition:

  1. In the WebUI, click the System tab.
  2. In the System page, click the Overview tab.

Reporting a Bug?

If you are about to report a defect, ensure you provide the UX's software version along with the build number. You may also be asked to provide the Chassis Model - UX1000 or UX2000