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This section describes the two types of licenses you will find on your UX system, and provides procedures for installing, decoding, and viewing licenses.

License Types

The UX system uses two types of licenses to enable functions and features of the platform.

Base license

This type of license enables version-specific features in a new UX software version. The new features in new software versions are disabled by default and are only enabled after installing a new base license, for example: A new version B of UX software is available with support for feature X. Customers with a software subscription (support contract) are able to download the upgraded software and the new base license from the UX Download Center. If their UX is upgraded to version B, new feature X and all other new features of version B are disabled until a new the base license is installed.

Node License

This type of license enables features which are not available as standard functions of the UX system and must be specifically purchased. contact NET Sales for more information about licensed features.

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