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Registered NET customers and partners have the ability to download UX software updates directly from the NET download website for Upgrading UX, Updating the UX Communication Service, etc... In this page, we describe how registered members get access to those software downloads and provide a brief overview of the content available:

UX Software Downloads Overview

The UX download center provides registered customers and partners with the following downloadable software updates:

ASM Recovery Images

This section of the download center contains software images specifically for UX systems configured with a built-in Application Solution Module. These recovery images are typically used for re-initializing the ASM. For more details, see Updating the ASM Recovery Partition.

Base Licenses

This section of the download center includes Base Licenses for the UX. Base licenses activate features introduced in new major (and sometimes minor) versions of the UX software. To activate those features, you'll need to apply the base-license for the UX version you are upgrading to. For more details, see Working with Licenses.

Log Exchange

This section of the download center contains the installers for Log Exchange (LX) - the SIP log analysis and Syslog Server utility for the UX and VX gateways. For more information see Log Exchange.

Lync Updates

This section of the download center is specifically intended for UX systems with a built-in ASM module deployed as Lync SBA. It includes cumulative Lync server package updates that can be installed directly into the ASM via the UX web interface.

UX Software Updates

This section of the download center is broken down by UX release and includes the following content:

How to Access the Sonus Global Support Portal

Before you begin:
You will need a valid Salesforce Username and Password.

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