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Do not remove the top panel of the Sonus SBC 1000/2000 chassis. Operating the Sonus SBC 1000/2000 system with the top panel removed will cause hardware components to overheat and fail. Unauthorized removal of the top panel will void your product warranty and service agreement.

Preparing for Installation

To Prepare for Sonus SBC 1000/2000 Chassis Installation

  1. Unpack and inspect the Sonus SBC 1000/2000 unit
    • Inspect the unit for any damage, and contact Sonus to report any problems.
    • Unpack and inspect the interface cards shipped in separate cartons with your order.
    • Keep all packing material until you have successfully placed your Sonus SBC 1000/2000 unit into service.
  2. Review the Safety Requirements and Precautions.
  3. Identify an installation site that meets the following Sonus SBC 1000/2000 hardware requirements:

Installing the Sonus SBC 1000/2000 Chassis

Follow the instructions for your Sonus SBC 1000/2000 model:

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