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The Re-initialize ASM task restores the ASM to an unconfigured state, replacing all software and settings with the image in the Recovery partition of the ASM.

This operation is typically useful when a Lync SBA needs to be re-deployed, for disaster recovery, or as a means of clearing all software and configuration. Sometimes, it is also used in conjunction after Updating the ASM Recovery Partition in order to load updated software onto the ASM.

This operation can also be used to run a different type of image on the ASM to achieve another role. The ASM is shipped running Lync SBA 2013, with the following four images available on the recovery partition:

  • Lync 2013 SBA image, which allows use of the ASM as a Survivable Branch Appliance for Lync 2013
  • Lync 2010 SBA image, which allows use of the ASM as a Survivable Branch Appliance for Lync 2010
  • Lync 2013 RBA image, which allows use of the ASM in a RBA HQ-Side SBC or QoE Agent Server SBC (see Configuring the RBA 3G4G Feature or Configuring the QoE Feature)
  • Windows Server image, which allows use of the ASM as a customer-maintained server

Performing the re-initialization

Before you Begin

This operation can only be performed when the Sonus SBC 1000/2000 Communication service becomes operational. In other words, only when a valid ASM IP address has been configured either via the Initial Setup or the ASM IP Settings.

This operation is both disruptive (it leaves the ASM unavailable for up to 40 minutes) and destructive (it deletes and replaces all software and configuration on the ASM).

  1. In the WebUI, click the Tasks tab.
  2. In the left navigation pane, under the Application Solution Module, click Reinitialize.

  3. Select an image type from the Image Type select list.
  4. Click Apply

Upon starting the operation, the ASM will become unavailable for up to 40 minutes. It will not provide progress updates (there is no way to see how far along it is), but the Current Activity Status panel will report when the operation is complete.

Required Post Actions

After successfully re-initializing the ASM, proceed with the following actions:

  1. Upgrading the SBC Communication Service Version
  2. If you plan to re-deploy the ASM as a Lync SBA,
    1. You may skip over the Central Site Tasks in the deployment, and continue with the Branch Site Tasks.
    2. Install the latest Cumulative Updates for Lync SBA