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If your environment has Windows Server (2008) with Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) installed, you can use it to request a signed certificate.

Requesting a Signed Certificate using a Windows AD CS

Before you begin: You will need to generate a certificate signing requests.

  1. Using a Web Browser, go to your Windows AD CS hosted site — typically http://<>/certsrv
  2. Click the Request a certificate link:

  3. Click advanced certificate request

  4. Paste the Certificate Signing Request in the Saved Request text field
  5. Select Web Server from the Certificate Template drop-down menu.

  6. Click Submit. You will be presented with a screen to download the signed certificate:

  7. Select either DER encoded or Base 64 encoded - each option will the determine how the certificate will be imported on the Sonus SBC 1000/2000
    1. If you select the DER option, use the File Upload mode when importing.
    2. if you select the Base 4 option, use the Copy and Paste mode when importing.
  8. Click the Download certificate chain link.
  9. Save the file to your desktop or other convenient location.