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Checking Port Status

To view the status of your Sonus SBC 1000/2000 system's physical ports:

  1. In the Sonus SBC 1000/2000 WebUI, click the System tab.
  2. On the System page, click the Overview tab.

    Located in Overview Tab

    When viewed in the WebUI, the Port Status panel view is located in the middle of the web page (on the right).

    Sonus SBC 1000 System Port Configurations

    The Sonus SBC 1000 has a maximum of 29 physical ports:

    • 2 T1/E1 Port
    • 24 Analog (FXS/FXO) ports or 12 ISDN BRI ports
    • 1 WAN Port
    • 2 Ethernet LAN ports

    Sonus SBC 2000 System Port Configurations

    The Sonus SBC 2000 has a maximum of 22 physical ports:

    • 16 Line Card ports (8 on each of 2 cards)
    • 4 Ethernet LAN ports
    • 1 Ethernet Admin port
    • 1 ASM port (if ASM installed)
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