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The following procedure describes how to change the SBC2000 Ethernet IP address. When configuring the IP address, an optional Secondary IP address may also be configured on the Ethernet port.

The secondary IP address is useful for WebUI or API operations only, and should not be used for VOIP media or protocols such as SIP, RTP and SRTP.

Helpful Tips

  • The primary IP address assigned to Ethernet IP may be removed by setting the IP address to and setting the Netmask to a valid non-zero value (e.g.
  • The Ethernet IP Address assigned to any Sonus SBC 2000 Logical Interface may also be removed using the same procedure.

To Modify the IP Address on the SBC

  1. In the WebUI, click the Tasks tab.
  2. In the left navigation pane, under the IP Protocols section, click Modify Ethernet IP Address.

  3. Modify the Ethernet 1 IP Setup information as necessary (if required, modify the Ethernet 2 IP, Ethernet 3 IP, and Ethernet 4 IP Setup information).
  4. Modify the Default IP Route information as necessary.

Ethernet IP Setup - Field Definitions

IP Assign Method

Specifies how the IP address is assigned for that interface. Select from the drop down box. Available options: Static (user configured IP address) or DHCP (DHCP is used to automatically acquire the IP address). When this field is set to DHCP, the remaining fields are not displayed.

Primary/Secondary Address

Specifies the Primary or Secondary IP Address through which the SBC communicates over Ethernet, and by which the applications may be accessed. Refer to the note at the top of the page.

Primary/Secondary Netmask

Specifies the network mask applied to either the Primary or Secondary IP Address.

Configure Secondary Interface

Specifies whether or not a secondary Ethernet IP address is configured for the SBC.

Configure Default Route

Specifies whether or not a Default Static IP Route is configured.

If this option is enabled, a Default Static IP Route will be created in the Static IP Route Table. The Gateway IP Address for this route will be the IP Address specified in the Gateway field, and a value of will be applied in the Destination IP field such that any address on the gateway is reachable.

The Configure Default Route field is not visible if any of the interfaces are using DHCP.


Specifies the IPv4 Address of the Default Gateway used by the Sonus SBC 1000/2000. This field is only available if the Configure Default Route field was set to Yes.

The Gateway field is not visible if any of the interfaces are using DHCP.