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With the introduction of Release 3.2 of the SBC 1000/2000, Sonus now ships the following field installable/field replaceable hardware options in cartons separate from the SBC 2000 systems they are ordered with:

  • SBC-2K-CRD-T1E1:  SBC2000 T1/E1 Module w/1 T1/E1, Licensable growth to 8 T1/E1
  • SBC-2K-CRD-24FXS:  Telco Module, 24 FXS Ports
  • SBC-2K-PSU-AC:  SBC2000 AC Power Supply

Installing any or all of these components can be completed in a matter of minutes using the SBC2000 installation instructions on the Sonus support site. These components slide and lock into place in clearly marked locations and no special training or tools are required. The system software automatically recognizes  the card and provided tools to configure it. 

The T1/E1 and FXS cards are not hot-swappable. Therefore, the system must powered down before installing theses options.

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