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Action Set Documents
Approved Partner Solutions for ASM
Approved Third-Party Applications for ASM
Call Forking Based on Active Directory User Attributes
Call Routing Based on Active Directory User Attributes
Changing SIP Transport from MTLS - SRTP to TCP - RTP
Changing SIP Transport Protocol from TCP to TLS in a PBX-SBC-eUM Topology
Configure SBC Edge Auto Configuration for BroadWorks
Configure SBC Edge with Tenor AF/AX for Fax
Configuring a Nortel PBX v4.5 to connect via TDM to the SBC Edge
Configuring Calls to Emergency Services on PSTN Lines
Configuring SBC Edge for Broadsoft Compatibility
Configuring SBC Edge for Calling Party Category II-8 based Collect Call Blocking
Configuring SBC Edge for DNS Load Balancing
Configuring SBC Edge for Multiple Media Streams
Configuring SBC Edge for Music On Hold
Configuring SBC Edge for One Number Fax in MS Exchange Environment
Configuring SBC Edge for Standard and Mutual TLS Authentication
Configuring SBC Edge with Exchange 2013
Configuring SBC Edge with ISDN IDA-P Switch Variant
Configuring SBC Edge with ITSP that Requires Digest Authentication with 401 Unauthorized Challenge
Configuring TDM ports on SBC Edge
Configuring the Avaya S8300/8400/8500/8700 v.3.1.x to connect via TDM to SBC Edge
Configuring the Mitel 3300 ICP v9.0.0.41 to connect via TDM to SBC Edge
Configuring the QoE Feature
Configuring the RBA 3G4G Feature
Configuring the SBC Edge for NAT Traversal
Configuring the Sonus Edge for FXS Calling
Deploying an F5 Load Balancer in a PBX-SBC-Lync Topology
Deploying the Sonus SBC Edge
Deploying the Survivable Branch Appliance
Downstream Deployment of SBC Edge in a PBX-SBC-eUM Topology
How Incoming Calls are Handled when Server is Unreachable
How Sonus SBC Edge transfers RTP stream though Proxy Mode
How to Enable and Provide Log Files From SBC and SBA
Lync Related Best Practices
Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Quick Start Guide
Packet Capture - Best Practice
Remote Update of ASM Recovery Partition
SBC Edge Security Hardening Checklist
SBC for Dummies Series
SIP Message Manipulation Document Catalog
SIP Registration
SIP Trunking Between SIP Border Elements
SIP Trunking with Multiple IP support
Translating SIP Responses in SIP-SIP Calls Using 'Pass-thru Peer SIP Response Code'
Translating SIP Responses in SIP-SIP Calls Using "Pass-thru Peer SIP Response Code"
Upgrading the ASM Image From Windows-Only to Lync SBA
Use of Calling Extension in Transformation Table for ext=xxxx Input Value
Using Lync Setup for E911 Configuration
Working with SIP Signaling Groups and NAT

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This section contains a collection of articles which explore supported ways of configuring and deploying SBC Edge using a range of existing and new features.

The intent is to encourage field engineers, customers, and partners to adopt these best practices to help them improve existing techniques used for configuring and deploying SBC Edge in their VoIP and networking topology.

In addition to configuration procedures, some of these articles contain in-depth verification steps to help you solve common deployment scenarios using methods that are supported and have been tested by Sonus.

These articles are applicable to the latest version of SBC Edge and assumes the reader has a solid understanding of Unified Communications concepts in addition to training on Microsoft Unified Communication Applications: