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To create or modify a FXS CAS Profile:

  1. In the WebUI, click the Settings tab.
  2. In the left navigation pane, go to CAS > CAS Signaling Profiles.
  3. From the Create CAS Profile drop down box, select FXS Profile.

Modifying a FXS CAS Profile

  1. Click the expand () Icon next to the entry you wish to modify.
  2. Edit the entry properties as required, see details below.

Creating an FXS CAS Profile

  1. From the Create CAS Profile drop down box at the top of the CAS Signaling Profile Table Page, select FXS Profile.

Loop Start FXS Properties - Field Definitions

Loop Start Type

Specifies the loop start method.

Disconnect Tone Generation

Specifies whether or not a disconnect tone is generated when a call is disconnected from the far end.

Forward Disconnect Duration

Specifies the time, in milliseconds, which qualifies as a valid forward disconnect (battery removal). Valid only when Loop Start Type is set to "Forward Disconnect".

Flashhook Duration - Minimum/Maximum

Specifies the minimum and maximum duration, in milliseconds, the loop (circuit) can be open such that it is recognizable as a Flashhook signal. The minimum flashhook duration must not exceed the maximum flashook duration. Available only when Flashhook Detection is Enabled.

Inter-Digit Timeout

Used to set the timeout time, in milliseconds, between dialed numbers.
Because the SBC Edge does not currently support dial plans, the use of an inter-digit timeout is necessary to detect the end of digit dialing.

Ringing Cadence - Field Definitions

Ringing cadence is the ring-pause-ring pattern used to indicate an incoming call.

This only applies to POTS fixed phones, where the high voltage ring signal is switched on and off to create the ringing pattern. In North America, the standard ring cadence is "2-4", or 2000 ms followed by 4000 ms of silence (default Sonus SBC 1000/2000 ring cadence). In Australia and the UK, the standard ring cadence is 400 ms on, 200 ms off, 400 ms on, 2000 ms off (or double cadence). Ringing cadence applies to digital FXS as well as analog.

Cadence On

Specifies the cadence on time (local Ring Tone is audible) for a ring generated on the analog FXS side. The value is specified in milliseconds.

Cadence Off

Specifies the cadence off time (Ring Tone is inaudible) for a ring generated on the analog FXS side. The value is specified in milliseconds.

Double Cadence

Specifies the use of a second cadence on the FXS side. See the expanded description under #Ringing Cadence, above.

Double Cadence - Cadence On/Off

Specifies the on and off times for the local ring tones in the same manner as described above.