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The Sonus Edge provides support on the ASM for the PeterConnects Agent application. This Best Practice details how to install and validate the PeterConnects agent onto the SBA.

Figure : PeterConnects Deployment


1. Prerequisites

1.1 Install PeterConnects Central solution on VM

See for installation.

1.2 Install Agent on SBA

  1. Logon to the SBA using Remote Desktop. See Enabling and Disabling Remote Desktop on the ASM.

  2. Copy the PcaFrontEndSetupx64V8.0.2.0.exe software onto the SBA.

  3. Execute the installer.

  4. Accept the License terms.

  5. Click Next.

    Figure : Access License Agreement

  6. Ensure the SBA is ready for the agent installation.

  7. Click Next.

    Figure : Validate Prerequisites

  8. Specify the location of your PeterConnects Server (click Browse and select the applicable folder).

  9. Click Install.

    Figure : PeterConnect Server Location

  10. Validate to complete the installation.

  11. Click Close. The Wizard starts automatically.

    Figure : Installation Finished

  12. Ensure the PeterConnects address is correct.

  13. Click Next.

    Figure : Verify PeterConnect Address

  14. Ensure your SBA pool is Defined. If not, click Add all Not Defined.

  15. Click Execute Actions.

    Figure : Execute Actions

  16. Create a local user to run the agent and specify the password.

  17. Click Create User.

  18. Click Next.



    Figure : Create Local User

  19. Click Finish.

    Figure : Finish Wizard

  20. Confirm the service status is Started and the configuration Service is properly Connected.

    Figure : Confirm Service Status Started


  21. Additionally, confirm using the standard Windows Service manager.

    Figure : Windows Service Manager


3. Installed software

Software Name
Version Tested
PeterConnects FrontEnd x64JDM Software BV8.0.2.0
PeterConnects FrontEnd installation for LyncJDM Software BV8.0.2.0

4. Support

Contact Sonus Technical support for any issues involving ASM module and JDM software.