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Calls to PBX, the Route of Last Resort

The last module routes call to the PBX as a last resort.

  1. Create a PBX Transformation Table

    Figure : Transformation Table - Restore Original Calling Number

  2. Create the PBX Transformation Table Entry.
    Notice that UserValue2 is employed to restore the original calling number to the Calling Number IE.

    Figure : Restore Calling Number Before Sending to the PBX



  3. Create a PBX Route Table.

    Figure : Route Table - PBX Routes



  4. Create a PBX Route Table entry that points to the PBX.

    Figure : Translations for Any Static or PBX Translations



  5. Create an Action that sends calls to the PBX Route Table.

    Figure : Action - Route to PBX



  6. Add an entry to the main Action Set.

    Figure : Action Set Entry - PBX Calls


Configuration complete, your main Action Set should look like the following figure.

Figure : Incoming From PSTN