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This page will guide you through the creation of an Office365 tenant. The tenant will host some user that will get public access to the tenant resource.


Create a Domain Name

The first step is to order a public Domain Name that will be associated with your tenant. You have to host this Domain Name on publicly accessible DNS. In this case we will use "Azure DNS Service".

1Log into your Azure account. If you don't have one, ask your manager for an account used by your service.

Browse to get the access to all the Azure products and then select DNS zones.


DNS Zones


Click Add.




Enter a domain Name and a Resource group name, and then click Create.

Domain and Resource group name


Your new DNS zone should show up on your dashboard:

New DNS zone


Click on the newly created icon to open your new zone settings:

New zone settings


You can now purchase a domain name and redirect it to the name server listed on your zone settings.

Create an Office 365 Tenant

To create a tenant account, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the https://products.office.com/en-us/business/compare-more-office-365-for-business-plans to select a plan and click Buy now.
  2. Follow the wizard to create a new account.

       3. After creating a new account, log into the portal.office.com using it.

Add your domain into Office 365 tenant

  1. Click Domains, Click on Add domain
  2. Enter your newly created Domain Name
  3. Take a note of your Record information
  4. Log into your Azure account and open your zone settings
  5. Add a Record Set
  6. Create the new record with the information provided by Office365 portal
  7. Go back to the Office 365 and click verify.
  8. Select I'll manage my own DNS records and click Next to Set up your online services.

    Create all the DNS records required.

  9. The completed form should look like this:

  10. Click Verify again to ensure all the record are correct.
  11. You can now create new user using your Domain Name.

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