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Does not apply to SBC SWe Lite.

Numonix Recite software is supported on the SBC 2000 platform's ASM for call recording. In some cases, customers record calls at service centers for quality management and improvement. In other cases, calls are recorded for emergency and for legal compliance. For details about the various features of the call recording software, see In a typical network, Numonix is used with an SBC 2000 at a branch office that has an ASM module. In this case, Numonix software is installed on the Sonus SBC 2000's ASM module.

Setting up the SBC 2000 with Numonix software requires the following:

At this time, Sonus SBC 1000 is not supported. Numonix software may be installed on SBC2000's ASM only.

Step 1: Install Numonix software on the SBC 2000 ASM

Installation Notes

  • A license is not required to install and use Numonix software.
  • When Numonix software is installed on the ASM, the ASM module's support-mode stays in Appliance Mode. You may contact Sonus Technical support for any issues involving the ASM module or Numonix software, as this solution is supported by Sonus.
  • Install only compatible Numonix software releases on the ASM; if you are unclear whether a release is compatible check with Sonus Technical support.

Install Numonix software (obtained from Salesforce) on the SBC 2000's ASM module by uploading a standard Windows installation package (.pkg). ASM packages can be installed by Sonus SBC 2000 System Administrators via the web interface. Install the package following the procedure in Installing an ASM Package. The following installation steps will then take place:

  1. The package file downloads/installs all the executables from the Numonix software. If the ASM is not connected to the Internet, the executables can be previously loaded into the ASM using Remote Desktop or a file share solution (into the C:\Partner\Numonix directory).
  2. The package installs the Numonix software on the ASM using the proper configuration for the ASM. Enhanced security is applied to secure the Windows Operation System with the Numonix solution.

Step 2: Set up Port Mirroring on SBC 2000

Once the software is installed on the SBC 2000's ASM module, you must set up Port Mirroring on the SBC 2000. 

Configure the SBC to mirror all incoming and outgoing traffic on all the Ethernet ports (those that carry the traffic to be recorded) to Port ASM 2 using the port guidelines below.  For instructions on how to set up Port Mirroring, see Working with Port Mirroring.

Port Mirroring Guidelines

SBC 2000 has two internal Ethernet links on the ASM module. They are identified on the WebUI as Port ASM 1 and Port ASM 2.

  • Port ASM 1. Port typically used for all SBC/SBA applications. Traffic from all the external/user-visible Ethernet ports is carried over this internal Ethernet link to the ASM module.
  • Port ASM 2. Port should be used as the "Analyzer" port when setting up port mirroring. This Ethernet link carries all mirrored traffic to the ASM module and all of this traffic is consumed/processed by the Numonix RECITE software running on the ASM module.This port may be administratively enabled or disabled on the WebUI. In order to make RECITE software function, ensure that the port is administratively up. The operational status is usually up. If it is not, it may indicate that there is a hardware-level issue on that internal Ethernet link.


Contact Sonus Technical support for any issues involving ASM module or Numonix software.