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Install the Verba Central Solution on a Server

  1. Refer to the Verba Deployment Guide for instructions on how to perform the following:
    1. Create a Trusted Application Pool/Server in the Skype Topology Builder.
    2. Logon on to the Verba Server.
    3. Download your Verba Install Kit from Verba customer care (requires login) and place it on your servers..
    4. Execute the installer.
    5. Accept the License terms




Install the Verba Agent on the Sonus SBA

  1. Log on to your SBA using Remote Desktop.
  2. Copy the installer software (VerbaAdditionalRoles.msi) onto the SBA.
  3. The account running the Installer must have have additional privileges:

    1. Local Administrator

    2. RTCUniversalServerAdmins

    3. Permissions to log on as a service

      Figure : Log on as a service





  4. Click Next to start the installer.

    Figure : Start the installer

    image2017-3-24 16_39_3

  5. Click Next to accept the license terms.

  6. Select the Server Type Media Collector & Lync Filter.

    Figure : Select the server type

  7. Enter the ID and Password for the Service Account being used.

    Figure : Service Credentials


  8. Enter the IP address for the Verba Server.

    Figure : Enter the IP Address

  9. Select the ASM IP Address.

    Figure : Server IP Address

  10. Verify the Service Account user.

    Figure : Service Account

  11. Click Next to skip the Email Alerts configuration.

  12. Click Install.

    Figure : Click Install

  13. Click Finish.

    Figure : Finish

Register the Verba Components into the Skype Environment


Open the Skype for Business Management Shell from the Start Menu and enter the following command to create a new Server Application on the Skype Front-End Server for the Verba Filter Service:

-CsServerApplication-Identity""-Uri -Enabled$True-Critical$False

-CsServerApplication -Identity "" -Uri -Enabled $True -Critical $False