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Not supported by SBC SWe Lite in this release.


The ASM is able to host one or more Virtual Machine (VM) instances. A VM hosts 3rd party software or runs the Cloud Connector Edition developed by Microsoft. A VM instance is created by logging into the ASM via Remote Desktop Connection and running the Microsoft Hyper-V management platform. Each VM is operated and configured through ASM WebUI options and Hyper-V.

Through the ASM Virtual Machine (VM) WebUI options, the following basic functions are available:

  • Deploy Hyper-V role on ASM

  • List VMs (RAM and CPU assigned, Ethernet port attached)

  • Operate VMs (Start, Shutdown, Reset, Turn Off)

  • Modify VM basic operation settings: Name, Logical CPU, Assigned Memory, IP Settings (IP address, Mask, DNS)

  • Monitor VM performance (CPU, RAM)

Important Notes

  • Any modifications to the VM via Microsoft Hyper-V are displayed automatically in the WebUI.
  • ASM VM Management is supported on the High-End ASM and Low-End ASM versions. For hardware details, see Common Hardware Modules.