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In order to properly deploy Sonus CloudLink, the Sonus SBC Edge VM needs to secure the transaction with Office 365. To do so, CCE uses a Public Certificate to encrypt the data. This Public certificate must be purchases from a Public Certificate Authority. Some Public Certificates are not pre-loaded in Windows Server. If that is the case, you must import the Root and Intermediate Certificate provided by the Public Certificate Authority.

This page describes how to load Root and Intermediate Certificate for the CCE Edge Public Certificate in CloudLink wizard.


Sonus SBC Edge and SbcComms version 6.1.3.

Base64 version of the Root and Intermediate Certificate Authority (readable in a notepad).


If your Public Certificate Authority is not pre-loaded in Windows Server, you will get the following error when running the action "Prepare CCE":

Additional Information: Got an exception deploying CCE: Certificate Chain is broken. Root and Intermediate Certificate needs to be imported on ASM Operating System: A certificate chain could not be built to a trusted root authority.

Figure : Prepare CCE Error Message


  1. Open the WebUI.
  2. Go to Tasks > Setup Cloud Connector Edition > Certificate and Key.
  3. Export your Edge Certificate:
    1. Select Export PKCS12 Certificate and Key.
    2. Enter a password.
    3. Accept the Certificate download.
  4. Select Import X509 Signed Certificate.

  5. Sequentially import the root and intermediate certificates.

    Do not import more than one certificate at the time. (For example, do not import p7b certificate.)

  6. Go to Tasks > Setup Cloud Connector Edition > Configure CCE and confirm all the fields are still valid.

  7. Run the "Prepare CCE."