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An ESXi VMware console is used as an example for this procedure, other consoles may look slightly different.

To assign a virtual NIC to a physical network adaptor, refer to the respective third-party documentation:

KVM Hypervisor:

Microsoft Hyper-V:

VMware ESXi:


Access the console by: 

    • Clicking the Console tab, or
    • Clicking the Summary tab, and then clicking the Open Console link. (The SBC SWe Lite must be powered on for this to work).


  1. Log in as user netconfig with password as Config!. Change the password when prompted.


    Passwords must be at least six characters in length and include uppercase and lowercase characters, and numerals.

    Figure : Modify Password

    Figure : Static or DHCP IP

  2. Choose DHCP or enter a static IP address.

    Would you like to configure a static IP address for Initial Setup on the Admin interface? This is only required if DHCP is unavailable (y/[n]): n 



    Sonus recommends that you first connect the admin port to a network with DHCP server enabled, otherwise you will need to enter a static IP address when prompted for an IP address.  

  3. Enter the interface name to map the interface as shown in the WebUI when prompted by the interface mapping shell script.


    The interface mapping shell script requests that the user provide the interface name to map the interface as shown in the WebUI.

    Use the MAC address (identified in the virtual machine editing portion during Installing SBC SWe Lite on your specific platform) in order to correctly map the interface. The interface name and MAC address are required to properly activate the interface and have it appear on the WebUI.

  4. Enter an admin interface name. Example: mgt0.
  5. Enter an Ethernet 1 Media interface name. Example: pkt0.

  6. Enter each subsequent Ethernet Media interface Name, and then apply the changes.

Figure : Saving Interface Mapping


If the network mapping and connection are correct, the Admin IP address will display on the console port. If the Admin IP address does not display, check the connections and network mapping.



If DHCP is used, SBC SWe Lite will automatically reboot before initial setup. If a static IP address is set, SBC SWe Lite will automatically reboot after SBC SWe Lite Initial Setup  from the WebUI.


If this is the first time interface mapping is being done, the system will automatically reboot. Any future remapping of interfaces will not automatically trigger a reboot, but will inform the user that they need to do so in order for the changes to be placed into affect.