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A license is required in order to use SWe Lite. Before you can generate a license you must download, install, and perform initial setup on the SBC SWe Lite software – see Downloading the SBC SWe Lite Package for details. 

Generating and Installing a SWe Lite License


1Locate and make note of the SWe Lite ID – refer to Viewing the Software Version and Hardware ID.

Re-visit the Sonus Self-Service Licensing and Downloads portal, and submit your credentials to gain access.

Figure : Enter Your Credentials


Click Generate License Key.

Figure : Generate License Key



Click Configuration.

Figure : Configuration



Enter the SBC SWe Lite ID (as noted in Step 1) in the UUID#1 field and then click Generate.

Note: In some instances, the field may be named SWe Lite ID#


Figure : Enter the SWe Lite ID


  • Note: The string under Hardware ID(s): should be equivalent to the SBC SWe Lite ID you submitted when you generated your license; if different, please re-visit your email inboxes for another email or, alternatively, contact Sonus Customer Support.
  • Note: If you do not receive your email within 24 hours, please please re-visit your email inboxes (junk folder, spam folder, Clutter, and so on) for the email; if still not found, contact Sonus Customer Support.

Within 24 hours you will receive an email from Sonus Customer Support. Click and save the attachment.

Figure : License Email


With the attachment open in a text editor, select all text and copy it to your clipboard.

Figure : Email Attachment – License Text


Open the SBC SWe Lite UI and click the Settings tab, and then click System > Licensing > Install New License.


Figure : Navigation Pane: Click Through to "Install New License"


Review the prompt and then click OK.

Figure : Production License Apply


Paste the previously copied License Key text into the designated text box:

Figure : Production License(s) Entered


Review the message and then click OK.

Figure : Production License(s) Success


To see your currently installed licenses, click System > Licensing > Current Licenses.

Figure : Example of Current License(s) - Feature Licenses

Next Steps

Configure the SBC SWe Lite according to desired deployment requirements. A suggested next step is to visit Using the Easy Configuration Wizard.