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Prerequisites for operating and configuring a Virtual Machine (VM) on the ASM are listed below.


Create VM on ASM

A VM must be created on the ASM via Remote Desktop and Microsoft Hyper-V; the VM cannot be created through the WebUI. For details on creating a VM via Microsoft Hyper-V, review the Microsoft Hyper-V documentation.

The SBA does not need to be running for a VM to be deployed.

Microsoft Hyper-V is factory-installed on the ASM.

Allocate VM Resources

ResourceResource Requirements on ASM
SBA Deployment4GB
VMApplication dependent; applications installed must not exceed SBA deployment requirements.

ASM Notes:

  • If the memory available on the ASM after the VM is created does not meet or exceed the recommended resource requirements for deploying the SBA, an error message is displayed.
  • If the VM resources exceed the available resources on the ASM, the application will fail.