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This procedure lets you reset the SBC Edge (SBC) to factory defaults. You might want to use this procedure in certain recovery scenarios like lost admin password or lost IP address etc.

Resetting Sonus SBC Edge to factory defaults removes all user-configured data. This including user names, passwords, customized IP addresses, etc..

Sonus SBC 1000/2000 Systems with Built-in ASM

If your ASM is already initialized and Lync SBA is deployed, resetting the SBC to factory defaults does not reset the ASM/SBA configuration settings. If you wish to reset the ASM to factory defaults, then you must Re-initialize the ASM.

Manual Reset

To Reset Configuration to Factory Defaults
There are three methods for resetting the SBC to a factory default state:

  1. If the SBC is running, press and hold the Reset button for approximately 20 seconds.
  2. Shutd own the SBC, press and hold the reset button while the unit is powered on. Hold the reset button until the Alarm Status LED first turns yellow and then goes out.

     Click here to see where the Sonus SBC 1000 Reset button is located

    Figure : SBC 1000 Reset Button

     Click here to see where the Sonus SBC 2000 Reset button is located

    Figure : SBC 2000 Reset Button

  3. Reset the SBC from the user interface.

After the SBC system has booted, it can be re-initialized by Running Initial Setup.

Resetting Factory Defaults from the UI

To reset the SBC to factory defaults from the UI:

  1. In the WebUI, click the Tasks tab.
  2. In the left navigation pane, go to System > Sonus SBC Factory Default.

    Figure : Factory Default


Operation Selections

Factory Default

This selection performs a total factory reset. After the operation is complete, the SBC can be re-initialized by Running Initial Setup.

Partial Reset

This selection removes all configuration information from the SBC with the exception of the Logical Interfaces, Ethernet ports, VLANs, ACLs, Static Routes, ASM Networking, Node-Level Settings and Certificate configurations. With this option the SBC can still be reached through a browser pointed at its application IP Address.