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Samples of GET, PUT, POST, DELETE and REST operations to send/receive data to/from the REST API Reference Guide. 

About cURL

cURL http://curl.haxx.se is a free cross-platform library and command-line tool that can be used to send/receive data using URL syntax.

REST Sample - DELETE Resource

The DELETE method allows you to delete a Sonus SBC Edge REST Resource.

REST Sample - GET Resource

The GET method allows you to retrieve data from the Sonus SBC Edge REST Resource.

REST Sample - Login Resource

The Login Resource is used to establish a secure session with the . The user provided in the URI parameters of this resource must be created through the WebUI prior to using the API and must be of the REST access level.

REST Sample - POST Resource

The POST method can be performed on a resource to modify the resource with or without an action parameter in the URL.

REST Sample - PUT Resource

The PUT method allows you to create and modify Sonus SBC Edge REST Resource. Unlinke the POST Resource, modifying a resource with PUT requires all parameters to be sent in the request (including the resource's identifier).