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The Subscriber Data Table contains basic contact information for each subscriber that registers on the Broadsoft server using the SBC Edge.

Viewing the Subscriber Data

To view subscriber data:

  1. Click the Settings tab at the to of the User Interface.
  2. In the left navigation pane, go to Signaling Groups.

    Figure : View Subscriber Data

  3. In the Signaling Group Table, click the Subscriber Data link in the Signaling Group of interest.
  4. Click the expand () Icon next to the entry you wish to expand for more information.

Contact Information - Field Definitions

Contact User Name

 The registered user's contact name.

Associated SIP Server

The SIP Server associated with this contact. This is a reference to the internal SIP Server Table in the SBC Edge configuration.

Associated Phone Number(s)

 A list of phone numbers associated with this contact. The phone number(s) appear in the national format associated with the user's location. Up to 10 additional numbers may be listed.

Associated Extension(s)

 A list of extensions associated with this contact. Up to 10 additional extensions may be listed.

Associated Alias(es)

 A list of aliases associated with this contact. These are SIP URIs associated with the user.
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