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This set of configuration articles describe how to configure the SBC Edge (SBC 1000/2000) for interoperability with Broadsoft. Please refer to the following documents for specific configuration types: 

Interoperability Configuration Guides

Interoperability DocumentDescription
BroadSoft Partner Configuration Guide: SIP Access Device ConfigurationConfiguration procedure for SBC 1000/2000 Interoperability with Broadworks via SIP Interface.
BroadSoft Partner Configuration Guide: SIP Access Interoperability Test ReportSIP Access Device Interoperability with SBC 1000/2000 Test Report.
BroadSoft Partner Configuration Guide: IPPBX_PBX_TrunkingConfiguration required for SBC 1000/2000 as a PBX Trunking Gateway that uses Session Initiation Prococol (SIP) to communicate with BroadWorks for Call Control.
BroadSoft Partner Configuration Guide: Sonus SBC 1000_2000Configuration for Sonus SBC 1000/2000 interoperability with Broadworks.
Configuring SBC Edge for Broadsoft Subscribe/Notify

Configuration for SBC 1000/2000 for SUBSCRIBE/NOTIFY requests for BroadSoft compatibility (SIP endpoints use the SUBSCRIBE/NOTIFY mechanism to get notifications about a specific resource from other endpoints).  


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