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Access Levels

Administrators have the ability to grant access to users whose accounts have been locally created on Sonus SBC 1000/2000, and to users remotely authenticating.

The following table lists the different types of access roles and the functions they secure.

Access Role



Permission to manage (i.e. view/add/remove) the SBC Edge (SBC) system through the User Interface.


Permission to manage a subset of the functions granted to Administrators. See details below.


Permissions to audit the logs on the SBC.


Permission to only view the SBC through the User Interface.


Permission to manage (i.e. view/add/remove) the SBC through the Sonus SBC Edge API. Users with this access level will not be able to access the web interface.

Operator Role

Authenticated SBC Edge users with Operator access level have the ability to make non-service affecting changes to the SBC Edge. Below are some examples of service affecting functions:

  1. Installing ASM updates as it will reboot the ASM.
  2. Changing the active partition as it will reboot the SBC.
  3. Installing a new license as it could impact active calls.
  4. Changing the Active Directory configuration as it could impact remotely authenticated users.