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Q.850 to SIP Mapping Table

Below is the Cause Code Reroute table supporting Q.850 - SIP mapping to support RFC4497.

The N/A entry in the SIP Response Code field indicates 500.

Figure : Q.850 to SIP Reroute Codes

Q.850 Cause CodeReason

SIP Response Code

1Unallocated Number404
2no route to network404
3No route to destination404
4send special information toneN/A
5misdialled trunk prefixN/A
6Channel unacceptableN/A
7Call awarded and being delivered in an established channelN/A
9pre-emption circuit reserved for reuseN/A
13no circuit available in the transit networkN/A
14reselection in the transit network applying load sharingN/A
15redirection to announcement machineN/A
16Normal Call clearing500
17User busy486
18No user responding408
19No answer from the user480
20subscriber absent480
21Call rejected603/403
22number changed (w/o diagnostic) 301/410
22number changed (w/ diagnostic) N/A
23Redirection to new destination410
24Call Rejected due to feature at the destinationN/A
25exchange routing errorN/A
26Non-selected user clearingN/A
27Destination out of order502
28invalid number format(Address incomplete)484
29Facility rejected501
30Response to status enquiryN/A
31Normal unspecified480
34resource unavailable(No circuit available)503
38Network out of order503
41Temporary failure503
42Switching equipment congestion503
43Access information discardedN/A
44Requested channel not availableN/A
46Precedence call blockedN/A
47Resource unavailable, unspecified503
49QoS unavailableN/A
50requested facility not subscribedN/A
53outgoing calls barred within CUGN/A
55Incoming calls barred within CUG403
57Bearer capability not authorized403
58Bearer capability not presently available503
62inconsistency in designated outgoing access information and subscriber classN/A
63Service/option not availableN/A
65Bearer capability not implemented488
66Channel type not implementedN/A
69Requested facility not implemented501
70Only restricted digital information bearer capability is available488
79Service or option not implemented501
81Invalid call reference valueN/A
82Identified channel does not existN/A
83Suspended call exists, but this call identity does notN/A
84Call identity in useN/A
85No call suspendedN/A
86Call having the requested call identity has been clearedN/A
87User not member of CUG403
88Incompatible destination503
90non-existent CUGN/A
91Invalid transit network selectionN/A
95Invalid messageN/A
96Mandatory information element is missingN/A
97Message type non-existent or not implementedN/A
98Message not compatible with call state or message type non-existent or not implementedN/A
99Information element non-existent or not implementedN/A
100Invalid information element non-existent or not implementedN/A
101Message not compatible with call stateN/A
102Recovery of timer expiry504
103parameter non-existent or not implemented, pass onN/A
110Message with unrecognized parameter, discardedN/A
111Protocol errorN/A
127Interworking unspecifiedN/A

Figure : SIP to Q.850 Reroute Codes

SIP Response CodeReasonQ.850 Cause Code
400Bad Request41
402Payment Required21
404Not found1
405Method not Allowed63
406Not acceptable79
407Proxy authentication required21
408Request Timeout102
411Length required127
413Request Entitiy too long127
414Request-uri too long127
415Unsupported media type79
416Unsupported URI scheme127
420Bad Extension127
421Extension required127
423Interval too brief127
480Temporarily unavailable18
481Call/Transaction does not exist41
482Loop Detected25
483Too many hops25
484Address incomplete28
486Busy here17
487Request terminatedN/A
488Not acceptable here65
491Request pending21
500Server Internal Error41
501Not Implemented79
502Bad Gateway38
503Service Unavailable41
504Server timeout102
505Version not supported127
513Message too large127
580Precondition failure41
600Busy Everywhere17
604Does not exist anywhere1
606Not acceptable31