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Not supported by SBC SWe Lite in this release.

This document contains specific upgrade notes for customers planning to upgrade the Windows-only ASM image to Lync Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA) ASM image.

Before You Upgrade

If the SBC Edge (SBC) is running a release prior to Release 3.0, it is required to upgrade the SBC to at least Release 3.0. To upgrade the SBC firmware, follow the instructions from Upgrading or Downgrading the SBC 1000/2000.


This process consists of four steps.

  1. Upgrade the SBC Communication Service (covered in the upgrade notes for Release 3.0).
  2. Upgrade the SBC to Release 3.0 (covered in the upgrade notes for Release 3.0).
  3. Upgrade the ASM Recovery Partition.
  4. Re-initialize the ASM.

Process to Upgrade the ASM Image From Windows-only to Lync SBA

Upgrading the SBC Communication service

Upgrade the SBC Communication Service by following the instructions in Upgrading the SBC Communication Service.

Upgrading the SBC

Upgrade the SBC to Release 3.0 or later by following the instructions in the applicable Upgrade Notes under SBC Release Information.

Upgrading the ASM Recovery Partition

  •  Complete the upgrade of the SBC to the latest release as noted above before proceeding with this section.
  • The ASM must be re-initialized after upgrading the ASM Recovery Partition.

This step is required to ensure that the ASM Recovery Partition is correctly provisioned with the Lync SBA image, should it be necessary at a future date to restore the system from this partition. See Managing the ASM for details on the recovery partition.

  1. Download the Lync SBA Recovery Partition image file from the Salesforce Portal.
  2. Follow the instructions outlined in Updating the ASM Recovery Partition.

Note that the existing Windows-only image will not be deleted and will be preserved as an option in the *Application Solution Module Reinitialize* dialog along with the Lync 2010 or 2013 SBA image.

Re-Initializing the ASM

Proceed with the ASM Re-initialization only after the ASM Recovery Partition has been upgraded to the latest ASM image.


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