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The Certificate WebUI page provides a path to verify the validation of the SBA certificates on the SBC 1000/2000.

Verify a certificate's validation as follows:

  1. In the WebUI, click the Tasks tab.
  2. In the left navigation pane, under Skype™ for Business Survivable Branch, click SBA Certificate.
  3. Click the Certificate tab.
    From the certificate, you can verify the Certificate type, along with the dates the certificate is valid. See details below.

    Figure : Verify Certificate


    Figure : View Certificate

    Subject Name

    Display the subject name covered by this certificate.

    Common NameDisplays the common name for the certificate.
    Subject Alternative NameDisplays all the relevant subject name fields on the certificate.
    Issuer NameDisplays all the relevant issuer name fields on the certificate.
    Not Valid BeforeIndicates the date and time from which this certificate is considered valid. 
    Not Valid AfterIndicates the certificate expiration date.
    Serial NumberIdentifies the certificate with a unique text string.
    Private Key LengthDisplays the key size used when generating the key pair.
    Signature AlgorithmDisplays the security algorithm used to create the certificate signature.
    VersionVersion number for the certificate.
    Certificate ChainDisplays the status of the certificate validation and verification against the trusted CA.
    Enhanced Key Usage

    Displays the enhanced key usage for defining the purposes for which the subject's public key may be used.

    TLS Web Server Authentication usage purpose is required in order to be compatible with some browsers.
    Key Usage

    Displays the key usage for defining the purposes of the key contained in the certificate.

    Non Repudiation service purpose is disallowed in order to be compatible with some browsers