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Not supported by SBC SWe Lite in this release.

This article describes the configuration of Valcom.

The Using Tenor as an Analog Device in a Lync SBC SBA Deployment describes the analog endpoints configuration for Lync - SBC1(or 2) K - Tenor setup. If Valcom paging devices are to be used as the analog endpoints, further configuration is needed on Valcom side.

For the Lync analog endpoint configuration, an analog endpoint was created using the Lync Management Shell as:

New-CsAnalogDevice -LineUri tel:+15102462001 -DisplayName "Analogph1" -RegistrarPool -AnalogFax $false -Gateway -OU "ou=Analog,dc=uxdemo,dc=net"

For a Tenor point of view, configure the relevant endpoint as shown below (for further steps on Tenor side configuration refer to Using Tenor as an Analog Device in a Lync SBC SBA Deployment) :

Figure : Configure Endpoint

If you need the actual analog endpoints as Valcom paging devices, complete the following steps on the Valcom side.

Launch the Valcom IP Solution Setup Tool and connect to the paging device as shown below (for further details of Valcom IP Solution Setup Tool manual):

Configure desired name and IP address for your device as shown below:

Figure : Analogph1

Figure : Analogph1 Properties

Figure : Analogph1 Network

Following depicts the Properties of the device:

Figure : Analogph1 Summary

Now configure the dial code (extension number) for your endpoint as shown:

Figure : Analogph1 Dial Code

Figure : Analogph1 Relays