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The 'roll back' procedures on this page describe how to restore your previous version of SBC Edge (SBC) in the unlikely event that you encounter an issue with your SBC Edge upgrade.

Before you begin

Prior to rolling back your SBC Edge upgrade, ensure that you have a backup of your SBC Edge data for the version you intend to roll back to.

Warning: Restoring From A 3.1 or Higher Configuration Backup

Do not attempt to restore your version 3.0 or earlier SBC Edge configuration from a backup made using version 3.1 or higher release.  Doing so will result in a complete user lockout and the system must be reset to factory default to recover. 


Downgrading a node that has a value license or a Revised ASM (type Pentium or type Xeon) from release SBC Edge 6.1 to an earlier version is not allowed.

Performing the Rollback

Refer to the appropriate upgrade instructions below for your SBC Edge hardware configuration:

Rollback SBC Edge with a Built-in ASM

(warning) The instructions in this section may be best coordinated with Ribbon.

Similarly to upgrading, to ensure the Ribbon can communicate with the ASM, you must downgrade the SBC Edge Communication Service before downgrading the SBC Edge software.

  1. Remotely login to the ASM via Remote Desktop.
  2. Manually uninstall the current SBC Edge Communication Service from the Programs and Features via the Control Panel.
  3. From the Ribbon Support Portal - Download Center, download the SBC Edge Communication Service .zip file for the version that you are downgrading to.
  4. Open the .zip file and unpack it to a temporary folder. This will produce a Setup.msi file.
  5. Copy the Setup.msi onto a local folder directly onto the ASM.
  6. Launch the installer and proceed with the installation wizard.
  7. To ensure the SBC Edge Communication Service was properly updated, verify the SBC 1000/2000 Communication Service Version has changed to the intended version.

    If you are downgrading from 2.0.x (or later) to → 1.3.x (or earlier), all disabled Network Adapters on the ASM must be enabled. This is because the 2.0.x (or later) upgrade disables one of the network adapters (by design), and it must be re-enabled if you're downgrading to 1.3.x (or earlier).

    Click to

You now may proceed with rolling back the SBC Edge software version, follow the instructions below

Rollback SBC Edge Software

The Ribbon SBC 1000/2000keeps its system software (firmware) in containers known as "Application Partitions". There are two application partitions, one of which is Active. When the system is operational, it is running off of the Active Partition, and the remaining (inactive) partition serves as a spare.

You can rollback to the previous SBC Edge version stored in the inactive partition:

  1. To rollback the SBC Edge software, simply activate the inactive partition.
  2. Verify that you are booting from the new partition either by checking the active partition, or by Viewing the Software Version and Hardware ID.
  3. Restore the backup configuration data associated with the SBC Edge version you have downgraded to.

This completes the rollback procedure.