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Not supported by SBC SWe Lite in this release.


Important Note Regarding the CCE and Microsoft Windows Updates

Microsoft's Windows Update and Cloud Connector Edition update can be triggered by Microsoft from Office 365. The CCE will not be functional until Windows Updates completes the download and installation..

Windows Update could also restart the ASM.

If no calls can be established (typically the failure is between CCE and O365) but the relevant Signaling Group is up, the following two issues can be expected:

  • In an O365 client >> CCE >> SBC >> ISDN call scenario, INVITE is not reaching the CCE.
  • In an ISDN >> SBC >> CCE >> O365 client call scenario, the CCE Mediation Server returns 503 Proxy INVITE failed. Error: Unable to establish a connection to SBC.

In some instances, an ASM being updated has also closed the SIP Signaling Group.

Technicians can manually stop and disable the Windows Update service, which will re-instantiate as a manual, running process after the ASM is restarted.


Figure : CCE Deployment Scenarios

  Determine which scenario applies to your deployment, and then click the appropriate link in the list that follows.

Figure : Scenario Details

After configuring the SBC Edge for CCE, refer to Managing Your Office 365 Tenant for more information.