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The SBC Edge (SBC) login page is displayed upon completing the steps outlined in Running Initial Setup, when Rebooting the Ribbon SBC Edge, when Upgrading or Downgrading the SBC 1000/2000, or when the user's browser session expires. Typically, the session between a logged in user and the SBC expires when the user closes their browser.

Log into the SBC Edge as follows:

  1. Access a compatible web browser to access the SBC Edge.
  2. In the browser, enter the IP address of the SBC Edge in the URL address bar. The Welcome screen is displayed.
  3. Enter Administrator User Name and Password you configured during initial setup.
  4. Click Login.

Once logged in, depending on the the user's permissions, the user may have some limited functionality. See related topics:

Secured Login

Because the SBC is accessed over HTTPs, the user's credentials (and SBC browser cookies) are sent securely.

Login Page