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This panel provides current information on the status of Ports, Channels and in-progress Calls on the Ribbon SBC 1000/2000 and SBC SWe Lite systems.

Browser Support

 See the Supported Platforms page for a list of supported browsers.

Real Time Status View

To view real-time status:

  • Click the Monitor tab in the WebUI.

    The following screen captures are examples.

    Figure : SBC 1000 Monitor Tab

    Figure : SBC 2000 Monitor Tab

    Figure : SBC SWe Lite Monitor Tab

    For more information about Alarms and Events, see the Alarms and Events Reference page.

    Viewing Signaling Groups

    To access Signaling Group status:

    • Click the Signaling Group icon ().
      The Signaling Group Details dialog is displayed. The following screen capture is an example for the SBC SWe Lite.

      Figure : SBC SWe Lite SIP Signaling Group Details Dialog

    For information about configuration details, refer to Creating and Modifying SIP Signaling Groups.

    Viewing Channel Status

    To access Channel status

    • Click on a Channel icon ().

    The Channel Status Details dialog is displayed. See Viewing Port Counters and Channel Details.

    Channel/SG State Legend

    To view the Channel/SG State Legend:

    • Click the Show Legend link text at the top of the Real-Time Monitor page.
      The Channel/SG State Legend popup window only appears in the SBC SWe Lite.

    Figure : Channel/SG State Legend