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This paper is intended only for customers seeking to activate purchased SBC SWe Lite features in support of production deployments (i.e. supporting live customer traffic), in either on-premises and public cloud (e.g. Microsoft® Azure™) deployments. For the activation of no-obligation free features, refer to the trial offers available for on-premises and public cloud (e.g. Microsoft® Azure™) based evaluations.

FIRST STEPS - Identify the Correct Release and SBC SWe Lite ID Before Generating a Permanent License

Before generating an SBC SWe Lite Permanent License, do the following:

  • Confirm the SBC SWe Lite was first installed and activated (whether on-premises or in Azure) with Release 8.0.4 software (to identify the SBC SWe Lite's software release, refer to Viewing the Software Version and Hardware ID). If the SBC SWe Lite was initially installed and activated with Release 8.0.3 or earlier, do not generate a license file from this portal at this time.  Instead, disregard all further actions on this page and contact Ribbon support for the next steps.  An attempt to generate a license without Ribbon support results in an SBC SWe Lite operation failure, and delays the roll-out of SBC services.
  • When submitting the SBC SWe Lite ID to generate the license file, confirm you are using the correct SWe Lite ID value: a 32 character string found in the Release 8.0.4 System Overview display.

Before generating a license, identify the SWe Lite ID in System Overview as follows:

  1. In the WebUI, click the System tab.
  2. In the System page, click the Overview tab.
  3. Identify and record the correct SWe Lite ID (see Figure 1 as an example) before generating a license, and proceed to Prerequisites.

Release 8.0.4 - Correct SWe Lite ID (Use this field for License Generation)


Ordering Production Licenses

A software license must be purchased from Ribbon Sales. To purchase a license, contact Ribbon as follows:

Once the license is purchased, you will receive instructions via email for accessing the licensing portal.

Available licenses for purchase are as follows:

Prerequisites for Microsoft® Azure™-Based SBC SWe Lite Production License Installation

Follow these prerequisites before generating a production license

Prerequisites for On-Premises Based SBC SWe Lite Production License Installation

Follow these prerequisites before generating a production license:

  1. Downloading the SBC SWe Lite Package for On-Premises Deployment.
  2. Installing SBC SWe Lite on the VMM of choice:

Generating and Installing an SBC SWe Lite Production License

Generate and install a license as follows:

  1. Locate and record the SBC SWe Lite ID. Refer to Viewing the Software Version and Hardware ID.
  2. Access the Self-Service Licensing and Download Portal.

    Self-Service Licensing and Downloads

  3. Enter credentials to gain access.
  4. Click Generate License Key.
  5. Click Configuration.

    SWe Lite ID and Email - Additional Notes
    • In some instances the SBC SWe Lite ID may be named SWE Lite ID#.
    • The string under Hardware ID(s): should be equivalent to the SBC SWe Lite ID you submitted when you generated your license. If different, re-visit your email inbox for another email or, alternatively, contact Ribbon Customer Support.
  6. Enter the SBC SWe Lite ID in the UUID#1 field and click Generate. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email (check spam folder, clutter, etc).

    If you do not receive your email within 24 hours, re-visit your email inbox and check spam, clutter, etc. If still not found, contact Ribbon Customer Support.

    Enter SWe Lite ID

  7. Save the file attachment (license file in .XML format) to your PC.
  8. In the WebUI, click the Settings tab.
  9. Access Licensing > Install New License.
  10. Click Choose File.
  11. Select the license file you saved from the Ribbon email, and click Open.
  12. Click Decode to confirm license is correct before applying.
  13. Click Apply.
  14. To view currently installed licenses, access System > Licensing > Current Licenses.

Next Steps

Configure the SBC SWe Lite according to desired deployment requirements. Suggested next steps include: