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Modified: for 8.0.2

Trials for Azure-Based SBC SWe Lite Deployments

The instructions on this page refer to SBC SWe Lite trials undertaken in an on-premises context (as opposed to cloud-based deployments such as Microsoft® Azure™). For cloud-based trials, refer to SBC SWe Lite Trial Offer for Microsoft® Azure™ .

No support or Maintenance for Trial-enabled SBC SWe Lite Instances

The SBC SWe Lite with an active trial license is not subject to any services, maintenance or support from Ribbon. Maintenance and support is available for an SBC SWe Lite deployed with one or more production licenses. Contact Ribbon Sales when you are ready to acquire a production license.

Not For Resale (NFR) Option Available

Ribbon offers an NFR (Not For Resale) configuration of the SBC SWe Lite for additional features beyond those available with the trial license; contact Ribbon sales for additional information.

Evaluate the SBC SWe Lite ... With No Obligation To Buy!

Ribbon offers a no obligation trial license to potential customers/partners to evaluate the SBC SWe Lite. The trial license presents a set of complimentary features within the context of an on-premises (Microsoft Hyper-V/VMware ESXi/KVM) SBC SWe Lite deployment. The no obligation trial license activates:

  • 5 complimentary SIP↔SIP signaling sessions
  • 3 media sessions with media manipulation (transcoding, encryption)
  • 5 SIP device registrations.


  • The complimentary features are not intended for production (live customer) deployments, but for trial or demonstration purposes.
  • The SBC SWe Lite running the Release 8.0 software or later offers trial license-enabled features in two ways:

    • The temporary availability of the trial features upon SBC SWe Lite initial boot, under control of a 30-day time-limited embedded trial license.
    • The permanent availability of the trial features, through the application of the SBC-SWELITE-TRIAL SKU to the SBC SWe Lite; refer to Working with Licenses.

When you are ready to commit to the powerful and flexible production version of SBC SWe LiteRibbon recommends acquiring a new instance of the SBC SWe Lite, along with the desired feature licenses required to support a production deployment (i.e., live customer traffic). Contact Ribbon sales or an authorized Ribbon partner for more information.

Ready to Start Your SBC SWe LiteTrial?

On-Premises SBC SWe Lite Trial-Related Deployment Procedure

On-Premises (Microsoft Hyper-V/VMware ESXi/KVM) SBC SWe Lite Trial Deployment Steps


Contact your Ribbon sales to order an instance of the SBC SWe Lite with the trial license-enabled feature set. The salesperson/authorized partner will advise you further upon successful submission of the request with Ribbon.

NOTE: When you reach out to Ribbon sales, the order fulfillment includes the ability to generate and install the permanent trial license (through the fulfillment of the SBC-SWELITE-TRIAL SKU), along with the availability of the SBC SWe Lite software. Refer to Step 4 for your options regarding this license.


Verify the reception of an email from Ribbon with an embedded hyperlink to the Self-Service Licensing and Downloads center.

NOTE: The email usually arrives within 1-2 business days.


Download and install the software and then perform Initial Setup on SBC SWe Lite instance.

  1. Start with Downloading the SBC SWe Lite Package for On-Premises Deployment.
  2. Complete Installing SBC SWe Lite on your VMM (Virtual Machine Monitor), such as KVM, Microsoft Hyper-V, or VMware ESXi.
  3. Proceed and complete SBC SWe Lite Initial Setup.
4After initial setup and upon first login, the Easy Configuration Wizard is displayed. Ribbon recommends for trial purposes to use the wizard for a Microsoft Teams Direct Routing test scenario. Follow the instructions in support of a new "greenfield" deployment to enable and place a test call.

Do You Wish to Extend Your SBC SWe Lite Trial?

The SBC SWe Lite Release 8.0 software offers a 30 day time-limited embedded trial license, as shown below. Ribbon also offers the option to extend the availability of the trial features indefinitely. 

  1. Access the Current Licenses screen to verify the availability of the 30 day time-limited trial license-enabled feature set. If the time-limited trial feature set is available, take note of expiration date (under the Feature Expiration column). Prior to expiration, plan to obtain and apply a permanent trial license (the SBC-SWELITE-TRIAL SKU). Refer to Obtaining and Installing a Permanent SWe Lite Trial License.

    Current Licenses

  2. If the Current Licenses screen is unavailable (see screen below) and you have not completed your evaluation of the SBC SWe Lite, generate and apply a new permanent trial license (the SBC-SWELITE-TRIAL SKU). Refer to Obtaining and Installing a Permanent SWe Lite Trial License.

    Current Licenses - Unavailable

Finished Your SBC SWe LiteTrial?

Ribbon welcomes any feedback you may have about your trial experience. Contact Ribbon sales or an authorized Ribbon partner to provide such feedback.