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To ensure the Ribbon SBC 1000/2000 can communicate with the ASM, you must always upgrade the SBC Communication Service before upgrading the Ribbon SBC 1000/2000 software.

The ASM may become unavailable if you upgrade the Ribbon SBC 1000/2000 firmware before upgrading the ASM SBC Communication Service.

Follow these steps to upgrade the SBC Communication Service:

  1. From the Ribbon Support Portal - Download Center, download the SBC Communication Service update — file name, where A.B.C refers to the version you are upgrading to.
  2. Open the .zip file and unpack it to a temporary folder. This will produce a Setup.msi file.
  3. Apply this SBC Communication Service update by following the instructions outlined in Installing an ASM Package.
  4. To ensure the SBC Communication Service was properly updated, verify the SBC 1000/2000 Communication Service Version has changed to the intended version.