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BroadWorks XSP product (Extended Services Platform) gives you the ability to keep track of and manage the firmware, as well as configure all customer-premises devices. The product also enables you to remotely reconfigure the devices using a SIP NOTIFY message.  This specific aspect of device management of BroadWorks XSP is known as BroadWorks Device Management (DM). The Broadsoft Provisioning feature within the SBC 1000/2000 enables interoperability with the BroadWorks DM infrastructure for centralized management of boot-loader, software and configuration updates for every SBC managed by BroadWorks.

The  Ribbon SBC 1000/2000 is able to automatically download configuration files through the SIP Notify message received from BroadWorks XSP.  The files will be downloaded and updated on the SBC according to the options configured in the WebUI's Auto Configuration Setup.

Prerequisites -  BroadWorks XSP Communication with the SBC

For detailed information about configuring a Device manager via BroadWorks, contact the BroadWorks administrator.

Before configuring the Ribbon SBC 1000/2000 for Auto Configuration, the BroadWorks Administrator must complete BroadWorks Device Management and BroadWorks provisioning. These steps are required for communicating with the SBC.

Broadworks Device Management Configuration

Ribbon provides the data below for the BroadWorks administrator to create a device profile type. Once a device profile type is created, Broadworks provides the device type, such as SBC1000_dm (for SBC 1000) and SBC2000_dm (for SBC2000). This information is used for Broadworks Provisioning and SBC 1000/2000 configuration.

File Name
SBC1000_config.xmlConfiguration file for SBC 1000
sbc1000-release.imgSoftware Application for SBC 1000
sbc1000-boot.tar.gzBoot Image for SBC 1000
SBC2000_config.xmlConfiguration file for SBC 2000
sbc2000-release.imgSoftware Application for SBC 2000
sbc2000-boot.tar.gzBoot Image for SBC 2000

Indicates whether the configuration should be imported fully or partially. It is used by both SBC 1000 and SBC 2000. This file contains only one of the following two words.

  • full  - configuration is imported fully
  • partial - configuration is imported partially (i.e., all configuration is imported except the networking-configuration)

Contains the software release name and the firmware release name pertaining to the software and firmware in the XSP directory, SBC checks this file before downloading and updating the software

Boot Image=3.1.60

Broadworks Provisioning

For detailed information about BroadWorks provisioning, contact the BroadWorks administrator.

BroadWorks Provisioning must include the following:

  • Device Profile Instance (template created for the SBC).
  • Tags (replaced with the actual parameter values in the configuration file)
  • Template Configuration Files (contain tags which are replaced with the actual values specified)
  • Static Files
  • Assign Device Profile Instance to User (users added to the profile instance)

Configure SBC to Download Configuration Files from Broadsoft

The Auto Configuration option enables Ribbon to download configuration files from the Broadsoft server automatically when a SIP NOTIFY message is received. The files are downloaded according to the configuration options in the WebUI's Auto Configuration Setup.