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The SBC Edge SCOM Management Pack allows customers in a Microsoft Server Environment to monitor the health of their SBC Edge systems using SCOM.

This page guides you through the import and installation procedure of the Ribbon Management Pack onto the Microsoft System Center Operations Manager SCOM 2012.

For detailed information on monitoring of the SCOM pack, see SBC SCOM Object Model and Health Monitoring.

Downloading the Ribbon SCOM Management Pack

The Ribbon SCOM management pack is available for download from the Ribbon Support Portal - Download Center

  1. From the Ribbon SBC Edge Download Center:
    1. For SCOM 2007, download the SBC1K2K_SCOM.MP file
    2. For SCOM 2012, download the SBCEdge_SCOM.MPB file
  2. Save the Management Pack file in a convenient location on the the SCOM host machine.

Importing/Installing the Management Pack into SCOM

The following instructions detail how to import/install the SBC Edge SCOM file into the System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). Use the following guidelines to identify which SBC file can be imported into which version of SCOM.


Figure : SCOM Compatibility Notes

SBC File

Import into....


SCOM 2007


SCOM 2012

Import/Install the management pack as follows:

  1. Launch the System Center Operations Manager.
  2. Access Administration.
  3. In the navigation tree, go to Management Packs > Installed Management Packs.

  4. Click Import Management Packs. 


    Figure : Import Management Pack

  5. In the Select Management Packs window, click, +Add > Add from disk.

    For details on alternately selecting the file from the catalog, refer to the documentation accompanying the SCOM Operations Manager.

  6. From the Select Management Packs to Import window, select the applicable directory and downloaded SCOM file, and click Open.

  7. From the Select Management Packs window, select the appropriate downloaded file (in the example below, SBCEdge_SCOM is shown):

    • For SCOM 2007, select the SBC1K2K_SCOM.MP file
    • For SCOM 2012, select the SBCEdge_SCOM.MPB file

  8. Click Install.The Progress indication scrolls as the file installs.

    Figure : Import Management Pack - Example Screen

    Once the installation completes, click Cancel.

Verify the Installation

  1. Access Administration.
  2. In the navigation tree, go to Management Packs > Installed Management Packs.

  3. Verify that the SBCEdge_SCOM Management Pack appears in the list.

    Figure : Verify Installation


SBC Edge supports SNMPv2c and SNMPv3, using the standard port 161. The SCOM Management Pack (MP) is related to the discovery of the SBC by mapping the object identifiers (OID's) to various components in the SCOM object model. Once the Management Pack is downloaded and imported into SCOM, the SNMP management address has to be created in the SBC. 

To troubleshoot issues, use a MIB browser tool to perform SNMP walks from the SCOM host computer. If the walks are working then there should not be a network connectivity issue and the issue can be narrowed down to SCOM configuration (e.g.: community) or an issue related to the MP import. If they are not working, then there would be a network issue, or a SBC target address configuration issue.


The Ribbon SBC Edge SCOM Pack works through SNMP. Refer to Working with SNMP and Alarms for details.