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Time of Day routing enables the SBC to select a route for a call based on the local time and date; this option allows each specific route to optionally be selected based on the current local system time. The Time of Day tables define a group of Time of Day entries which specify times and days of the week. Once this information is configured, you can optionally reference an applicable Time of Day entry from each call routing entry (via Call Routing Table). A Call Routing entry that references a Time of Day entry searches every entry in the Time of Day tables for a match; upon finding a match, the call route is used if the current local system time is within the date and time specified in the matching Time of Day entry.

Use Cases

This feature is used in scenarios where calls should be routed differently depending on the local time of day. For example, an office that is closed during certain hours may want to divert all incoming calls to voicemail or an answering service rather than routing them to the intended recipient. Using a call route entry that has a time of day table applied to it enables routing calls to a different destination only during the hours when the office is closed. Another possible use case is routing calls to different PSTN providers based on the time of day to take advantage of time of day cost differences.